Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency
The Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency was constituted as a State Nodal agency in the 1984 under aegis of Dept. of Science and Technology. Govt. of Odisha with a view to popularize the exploitation and use of renewable energy resources in the State.


National Biogas & Manure Management Program (NBMMP) -
- It has been one of the major programme of OREDA right from its inception.
- More than 70 NGOs and a thousand masons are involved in implementation of this programme...

Biogas: Biogas is generated through the process of anaerobic degradation or Bio-methanation of organic wastes. It is a cheap, appropriate and eco-friendly fuel.The process of generation of biogas has the added benefit of a humus rich manure. The input generally used are cattle dung, leaves

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Net Metering Regulation of Odisha
"Updated list of obligated entities under OERC RCPO regulation".
Petition filed by OREDA at OERC under Sec. 142 of the Electricity Act, 2003 for the non-compliance of OERC (Renewable and Co-generation Purchase Obligation and its Compliance) Regulations, 2010 framed under Section 61, 66, 86 (1) (e) and 181 of the Electricity Act, 2003".
Compliance to RCPO Regulation 2010
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Policy Guidelines
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Administrative Approvals
Identified Remote Villages
Status of REC Purchase by Obligated Entities under OERC RCPO Regulation, 2010
A Success Stories
1 - Salepada Power Plant
2- Sunnei Mini Hydel Project
3 - Village Energy Security projects

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"Request for Proposals for Implementation of Pilot Projects on Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods in Identified Districts of the state of Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha under MNRE -UNDP / GEF Project on “Scale Up of Access to Clean Energy for Rural Productive Uses”.


Tender Document For Development of Automated Customer Relationship Management Solutions for OREDA and setting up a Customer Care Centre

Tender call notice No.4416 /OREDA.Dated.30/06/2015 from established IT agencies for development and implementation of automated CRM solutions

Supply of Scientific Models / equipments / entertainment cum education related to renewable energy / energy conservation for Biju Patanaik Energy Park, Dated 20/06/2015


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